The future of iteration

BRIDGE THE GAP The tools we use to build the future often hold us back from authentic collaboration.

Engineers solve complex problems in their code editors, drafting the next perfect data model.

Designers assemble beautiful visuals and interactions in graphic editors and prototyping software.

Product managers determine the best path forward as they cue up a backlog in a product management app.

Everyone has their source of truth as the product launches.

More features deploy, then a series of quick fixes, a new sign-up flow, a new dashboard, and more fixes. Everyone sees issues and has ideas. Many feel unheard as inconsistencies accelerate.

Engineers think the data model no longer makes sense. Designers feel like the product is clunky. Product managers drown in requests and issues. Other roles feel cut out from the development process.

This mad iteration cycle is typical at all companies to some extent and even more so at new startups that need to iterate fast to find a product-market fit. The result is usually a fragmented product, poor user experience, and technical debt.

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